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How This Startup Founder is Taking Colin Kaepernick's Advice

I've been a San Francisco 49ers fan my whole life but it wasn't until Colin Kaepernick took over as quarterback mid-season in 2012 that I found MY quarterback. A QB that just ignited my fire and took us to the Super Bowl that year.

Since then, I've been a lifelong Kaepernick fan, supporting him on and off the field. His activism has again ignited my fire, this time to be a better, more educated human and ally to the black community.

So, it's no surprise I loved the Netflix documentary "Colin in Black & White". I saw my own synergies while watching it: Growing a sports tech startup as a women co-founder & CEO. Having to overcome constant rejection and believe in yourself when it seems like no one else does.

In the last scene, Colin says "Your path will sometimes be rough but trust your power. When you face rejection and feel like you want to quit, trust your power. And when you see that you're rarely anyone's first choice, trust your power. I promise you, when they say you're not their first choice you'll show them that you were the right choice".

So, as we forge ahead with our Seed Round, I will trust my power. As we scratch and claw our way to the major leagues, I will trust my power. And as someone who is often the only woman in the room, I will continue to use my voice and trust my power.

Growing FanSaves is a constant rollercoaster but I won't give up because I am a quarterback (founder/CEO) and I won't stop until I make the big leagues. Just like Colin.

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