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Living the Startup Podcast

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Kris and I started Living the Startup as a blog a couple of years ago to document our startup journey and all the ups and downs that we were going through. We wanted people to know what goes into starting a company and give a glimpse at what being dating co-founders in like. In 2020, we turned it into a podcast so we could also share other founders' stories. This is a community for anyone who has founded a startup or is thinking about diving into this thrilling world full of bootstrapping, seed rounds, pitch competitions, sleepless nights and celebrating the wins both big and small!

Give our podcast a listen below and reach out if you'd like to be a guest!

Guest Appearances

Podcast Appearances

I love chatting about my journey​ encompassing everything from grief and divorce to starting a company with my life partner and how all of this has influenced my entrepreneurial story.

If you have a podcast and are looking for guests, I would love to chat more! Shoot me an email and let's talk.

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