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Award-winning Co-Founder & CEO, FanSaves

Public Speaker

Co-Host, Living the Startup Podcast

"I've never thought I couldn't do something because I'm a woman. I've always believed I could do anything because I'm a human."
-Shannon Ferguson

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Founder. Host. Writer. Creative. I wear a few hats and fortunately, I've been able to create a life where my passions overlap and compliment each other. As the Co-Founder & CEO of tech startup FanSaves and the co-host of the Living the Startup Podcast I live the entrepreneurial rollercoaster every day but I LOVE it!

I am allll about empowering people (especially other women) and I hope that I can help spark some creative juices for even just one person on their entrepreneurial journey. 

I love sports (I grew up playing competitive hockey), white wine and everything 90's. I have a background in marketing, sales, content creation and journalism and I'm obsessed with sharing my story in hopes that it can inspire your journey.

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Shannon Ferguson

Hi, I'm

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I always love meeting new people and helping any way I can. Touch base with me if you are any of the following:
  • An entrepreneur looking to connect with a like-minded, scrappy hustler.
  • A startup founder looking to be featured on a podcast to increase your exposure.
  • Holding an event and looking for speakers on entrepreneurship or women empowerment.
  • Looking for someone to speak to your school or class (one of my favourite things is talking to kids and young people about entrepreneurship).
  • Part of the media interested in a story about tech startups, sports tech, women founders or startups seeking investment.
  • You have an Instagram brand and you'd like to partner.


Shannon Ferguson

Ottawa, ON

San Diego, CA

Cornwall, ON

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Thanks for reaching out!

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